AWS Certification Training & Courses

Boost your IT Career with AWS Certifications.
  • Get Trained from AWS Certified and Experienced Tutors. 
  • Get Certified in Globally Recognised Certification 
  • Get Job Opportunities with Us !

AWS Certification Training & Courses

Boost your IT Career with AWS Certifications.

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    • Get Trained from AWS Certified and Experienced Tutors. 
    • Get Certified in Globally Recognised Certification 
    • Get Job Opportunities with Us !

    Why Become AWS Certified?

    Cloud Computing is Forefront for Digital Transformation

    Cloud computing has become the de facto choice of IT due to digital transformation shifts accelerated by remote work and the COVID- 19 pandemic. Cloud computing market is expected to be worth USD 791.48 billion by 2028, growing at a 17.9% CAGR.

    AWS is Global Leader

    According to Statista (2021), Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most popular provider in the cloud infrastructure services industry, owned 31% of the total market in the second quarter of 2021. As companies are adopting AWS, companies will require AWS certified professionals to work in the AWS environment.

    AWS is Widely Adapted by Nepal Based Company

    Genese being the only AWS advanced consulting partner has more than 300 clients who have adapted AWS cloud computing services in Nepal. These companies will value AWS certification more than other cloud certifications.

    Why Learn AWS with Us?

    We Educate. We Place.

    We not only provide training to become certified professional but also place the certified personnel in various companies in our Network. We have more than 200 companies both at Local and International level in our Network looking for certified professionals. We have trained 4000+ students and placed 1700+ students in various companies. 

    We are the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for Nepal

    Being the only AWS advanced Consulting partner for Nepal helps companies to adopt AWS cloud computing Services. We have already onboarded more than 300 plus companies on the AWS platform.

    Best Tutors. Best Mentors

    We have 15 + certified trainers with 4 to 5 years of industry experience. We not only teach, we provide mentorship from industry experts to ensure overall growth of our students.

    50% Off in Exam Fee

    With us you will receive 50% scholarship in your Exam Fee and Hassle Free Payment.

    Choose A Course to Start With

    Get an in-depth overview of cloud computing concepts.

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Training

    This AWS Cloud Practitioner course provides an in-depth overview of cloud computing concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

    Duration: 20 Hours

    AWS Solution Architect Training

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect – Associate course is for individuals who have experience in solutions architect role.

    Duration: 40 Hours

    AWS Developer Associate Training

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer Associate course consists of total content and understanding of core services that are provided by AWS and which are needed to further enhance applications that are cloud-based.

    Duration: 40 Hours

    AWS SysOps Administrator Training

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) SysOps Administrator training is for IT-related students who have the knowledge of web applications and how they work.

    Duration: 40 Hours

    AWS Data Analytics

    Define AWS data analytics services and understand how they integrate with each other. Explain how AWS data analytics services fit in the data life cycle of collection, storage, processing, and visualization

    Duration: 40 Hours

    AWS ML Foundations

    This AWS machine learning course is a very comprehensive resource for preparation of AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam. It packs extensive knowledge of AWS, Sagemaker, deep knowledge of machine learning and nuances of feature engineering and model tuning.

    Duration: 40 Hours

    AWS Training FAQs

    Find the most asked questions and their answer right here.

    Q: Is AWS hard to learn?

    For those wondering if AWS is difficult to learn – rest assured that AWS is accessible to anyone willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build new knowledge.

    Q: Which AWS certification should I take?

    This really depends on your background and career goals.

    Q: I don't have any cloud experience - how do I get started?

    With our instructor-led courses, there is NO need for previous AWS cloud experience as we’ll teach you the foundations of cloud computing. For those with limited IT background, we recommend getting started with the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Beginners are very welcome – as all of our entry-level courses are designed with non-techies and newcomers to the cloud in mind.

    Q: Who are these courses for?

    Our courses are suitable for

    • Students preparing for the AWS certified exams who want to pass with confidence at first attempt
    • Anyone who is keen to take their AWS cloud career and salary to the next level with an AWS certification
    • Professionals who want to learn how to leverage the benefits of the AWS cloud to demonstrate strong capability with AWS to (future) employers
    Q: Are all of these training courses up to date?

    Yes, we regularly update all of the content of our training courses, practice exams and training notes to reflect the latest AWS changes.

    Q: After answering a question can I immediately view the answer?

    Yes, you can. When taking the practice exam in training mode, you will be shown the answers and explanations for every question after clicking “check”. The same applies to the knowledge reviews where you are presented with a series of questions on a specific topic.

    Q: For how long is my certification valid?

    AWS Certification is required to be updated (or recertify) every 3 years. 

    Q: How can I review explanations for questions?

    To review questions at the end of a practice exam, choose “Review questions”.