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Genese Cloud Academy

Maitidevi Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 (980) 678 6456

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Maitidevi Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal

+977 (980) 678 6456

Pokhara Branch

Durbarthok Marga, Pokhara, Nepal

Birgunj Branch

Aadarsh Nagar, Birgunj, Nepal

Butwal Branch

Chauraha, Butwal, Nepal

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what we get asked often


Do I need credit card to enroll in any of the courses?Your Title Goes Here

You don’t need a credit card for any courses we are offering.


I don't have email. Can I still join the AWS Educate program?

Yes. We welcome any email from the trusted email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. for you to enroll in the AWS Educate program.


I represent a college. How can I provide AWS Educate account to all my students?

Please contact us directly and we can work on how we can collaborate to add value to your institution.