Ready to Get Certified?

Genese Cloud Academy leads the students in cloud computing training with Amazon, Google and Azure with our expert trainers and mentors on those fields. So join us to acquire the skills and certifications needed to pursue meaningful careers.

Microsoft Azure

We provide a platform in the Microsoft Azure to get various levels of cloud certifications, differentiate yourself and validate your knowledge and skills.

Acquire cloud-focused jobs by getting Microsoft Azure Certifications that help you to get hired, get ahead, be confident, be productive faster, and to receive the recognition that you deserve.

Google Cloud

GCA partners with Google Cloud to help you learn and obtain different levels of certifications.

Obtaining Google Cloud Certification, you can show the world that you can design, develop, manage, and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology.


Develop and grow your CISCO Certification skills with our help.

CISCO Certifications help you learn, advance your IT Networking career and unlock possibilities for both network engineers and developers.