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Corporate training is a program designed to Support employees master the skills required to create an adaptive and flexible workplace.

About Corporate Training

Corporate Training is a program designed to train and upskill the next generation of employees. At a time when companies are facing challenges of rising business complexity, Corporate training programs offer a range of IT and soft skill-based training required to help employees master the skill and embrace the challenges.

Our Clients

B Assured is a single app to gain access to multiple services. It provides access to various services ranging from security, plumbing, carpenting, outsourcing to  fitness training, Dietician and salon. Its application based platform provides one stop solution to all the customer’s requirements.

Webo Digital is a full fledged digital marketing agency specialized in delivery of outstanding results combining creativity and experience. It helps clients to develop effective content and digital marketing strategies to enhance great websites, search engine rankings and increase sales.

Contentio is a research oriented company specialized in writing services such as ghostwriting, content writing and technical writing. It offers high quality content prepared by experienced experts, writers and professionals.

Pick N Drop is an ecommerce platform that makes it easier for companies and corporate houses to send and receive products and packages. It ensures hassle free pickup and delivery services.

Datalytics is an ISO certified IT outsourcing company specializing in content writing, technical writing, digital strategy, SEO, and data analysis services.

Entegra is an outsourcing company for providing engineering related services in various domains. The framework of Entegra is concerned more with preparation of engineering documentation after successive modeling procedures followed for the project.

Key Highlights

Interactive and Practical Sessions

Our goal is to make learning more practical and interactive. So, our training curriculum is a perfect blend of both theoretical and practical aspects required to meet the training needs of an organization. Our engaging session makes the entire learning process much easier and effective.

Certified and Experienced Trainers

The training sessions are led by certified and experienced trainers who demonstrate skills, knowledge, and competencies in training as per the requirements of an organization. Our training professionals also customize the training module, about corporate needs.

Training Need Analysis

We also conduct training and need analysis of the organization if required and craft the module accordingly. After training needs analysis, we develop a training module solely based on the training needs of an organization.

Followup Reporting

In addition to training, We thoroughly analyze the outcome of the training and prepare a detailed report, highlighting the feedback, suggestions, and effectiveness of the overall training session.

How we Support you

Training Needs Analysis

Training Need Analysis is the initial process of assessing the training needs of any organization. This part of the process assists the decision-makers and stakeholders to understand the concept of the needs analysis of the organization in training & development. Learn More

Training Deliverance and Reporting

After training needs analysis, we prepare a training deliverance module catering to the training requirements of our clients. We select the most suitable training curriculum after detailed need analysis.    Learn More

Training Investment

We believe in long-term relationships and considering it, we propose effective costs to meet your training needs at most. Learn More

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