Training Needs Analysis

Training Need Analysis is the initial process of assessing the training needs of any organization. This part of the process assists the decision-makers and stakeholders to understand the concept of the needs analysis of the organization in training & development.

Benefits of TNA:

  • Identify employees performance gaps to be addressed
  • Decide the list of training required
  • Provide the basis for evaluating training effectiveness
  • Support to allocate an organization‚Äôs HR (training) budget effectively.

Training Need Analysis Process

Step 1: Determine Training Outcomes

Step 2: Design Training Need Analysis

Step 3: Collect Data

Step 4: Analyze data and Identify  Causes of Discrepancies

Step 5: Prepare report and recommend training and development options and plans

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Sabina Parajuli

Sabina Parajuli

Assistant Business Development Manager