Our valued clients are listed below

B Assured Pvt. Ltd.

B Assured is a company that offers wide arrays of complete and qualitative services. They provide Security Service, AMC of Electrical, Plumbing & Carpenter work to companies, Outsourcing & Recruitment etc. through their well trained and experts as a One Stop Solution in Nepal.

Bits Ladder International Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Bits Ladder helps bridge the gap in the society through collaboration in the field of education and technology with new innovations. They engage students, youth graduates and professionals to innovate contextual solutions by empowering them as future leader through aligned innovative approaches.

Codavatar Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Codavatar helps clients validate their product idea with POC development and turn their idea into a fully working MVP with a team full of enthusiastic and creative individuals. Their aim is to build rapid-growth products and over the years of experience they are helping their clients to go through the technology journey.

Contentio Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Contentio Lab is a research-oriented company that specializes in writing services like content writing, ghostwriting, and technical writing. They provide high-quality services in the market offering experienced writers, experts, and professionals. They believe in converting thoughts, ideas, or findings into the word or content through a creative and technical process.

Entegra Sources Pvt. Ltd.

Entegra Sources is an an outsourcing company for conducting engineering design-based projects in various domains. Their forte lies in the research of different engineering topics, design creation, and successive delivery of those design-based documents to their client base.

Datalytics Pvt.Ltd

Datalytics is the first ISO 9001:2015 certified company in Nepal with a core focus on providing content writing, Technical Writing, Digital Strategy, SEO and Date Analysis Services. They are an IT outsourcing firm that has been in operation since 2015.

F1 Soft

F1Soft Group is an ecosystem of digital products and services that facilitates Nepali consumers’ access to financial services and enables their inclusion in the formal digital economy, in simple, affordable and secure ways. They are a diversified Digital Financial Services (DFS) holding company with over 16 years of operating experience across various iterations.

Glocal Pvt. Ltd

Glocal is a business enterprise working in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and skilling. Their core work is into development of young people through skill development and empowerment in coordination with different corporate, diplomatic and governmental organization in South Asia.


NepFlights is one of the only few online ticketing portals in Nepal which provides the cheapest flight tickets from six airlines of Nepal. Their aim is to offer the best deals, services along with cutting-edge technology, and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Nepflights tends to be one of the best Travel Crisis Management companies as they provides the best alternatives to the travelers if the previous plan doesn’t go as well as intended.

Voberry Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Voberry Technology is an IT startup company that provides services focusing on client satisfaction and providing softwares that are user friendly, creative and forward thinking in nature.

Nepal Paytime Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Paytime provides seamless, secure & reliable online payment experience. It is a revolutionary step in the development of electronic commerce which provides users with a means of exchanging funds via the Internet

Pick & Drop Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Pick & drop Nepal makes delivery service easier for other business to send & receive their products and packages to other parts of Nepal safely without any damage to the products.

Paaila Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Paaila Technology is a fast paced company with core focus on Robotics and AI. They aim at producing world class human friendly robots that really add value to the business houses that deploy them. Furthermore, they want their technologies to help companies in Nepal integrate AI technologies in their business to improve customer stickiness while also making them globally competitive.

Ug Bazaar Pvt. Ltd.

Ug Bazaar is a Cake production company that makes and delivers cakes to their customers. Their whole end-to-end processes are fully auto-governed by system that serves everyone with required information enabling core business processes through it. UG Cakes could well be one of the finest in terms of process automation one can see in bakery industry.

Upasarga Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Upasarga technology is a company that is dedicated to give an expert opinion, knowledge regarding business design and Information Technology. They provide various services like web development, web hosting, mobile application development, digital marketing and many more services.

Webo Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Webo Nepal is a Full service Digital Marketing Agency where the team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with their vast experience. They offer Services such as, Web Design and Development – Graphic Design – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Social Media Marketing and many more.

Infinity Digital Agency

Infinity Digital is a leading concept-based digital marketing and branding agency in Nepal where their prime focus is on improving marketing and branding for small, medium and large scale businesses as a medium for business development. They provide services in Web Development and Management, Photography and videography, Digital Branding and Marketing and many more.

Sharada IT

Sharda IT is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. They deliver IT services through Advertising consulting(facebook Advertisement and branding) & Systems Integration(Software Development) and so on. Their services are primarily catered to simplify and provide one step Information Technology solutions to their clients.


SIPRADI is a major player in AUTOMOTIVE and ALLIED business, one of the largest and most driving brand in Nepal. They have been a sole distributor of Tata Motors Ltd. India, for Nepal since 1982 and certified with ISO 9001:2015. SIPRADI is also an exclusive distributor of MAK Lubricants, Michelin tires, Exide Batteries and other various line of products.

Lis Nepal (Yomari)

LIS Nepal is a service centric Information Technology firm comprises of experienced professionals with specialization on data analytics. With special focus on retail industry, LIS Nepal’s expertise lies in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics. It is one of the member companies of Yomari Group.

Pathao Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Pathao is a transportation technology providing a full range of app-based services including ride-sharing, food delivery and free games. it is among the fastest-growing tech startups in Asia, dedicated to develop optimal solutions for daily transportation problems of the public.

M & S Holding

M&S Holding Ltd, are a technology management consulting services, outsourcing company and Information Technology equipment supplier that provides expert to help clients perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. They also specialized in supplying Information Technology equipments to our numerous customers, such Cisco router, Switches and firewalls.

DgMarket Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

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Techbliss Pvt. Ltd.

Techbliss is a company entailed in IT Business with ERP Solution. It is established to deliver leading edge global secure technologies, intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and governmental bodies.

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