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This course will cover concepts such as ethical hacking, cryptography, computer networks & security, application security, idAM (identity & access management), vulnerability
analysis, malware threats, sniffing, SQL injection, DoS, session hijacking, and various security practices for businesses. These concepts will train them for roles such as Network
Administrator, System Administrator, Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Pen Tester, and more. It covers practical’s using a wide variety of cybersecurity tools which is common for
security experts and not just specific to pen testers. At the end students will be involved in projects of a 2-hour duration where they will be
implementing concepts covered in the above topics.


After the completion of this course, the participants will learn:
● An advanced practical skill-set in securing laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
● The very latest up-to-date information and methods.
● How to seek and destroy system resident malware and hackers; Get up to speed on your hacker hunting!
● Best techniques in anti-forensics to securely delete data and meta-data so that it is unrecoverable by even computer forensics experts.
● How to detect and monitor for threats such as malware and hackers through the use of security through deception and detection technologies
● Start a career in cyber security. Become a cyber security specialist.

Course Requirements

Exam: There will be one exam after the completion of the course. Students should pass the exam by securing above 60% of the full mark to receive the certificate of successful completion.
Assignments: There will be homework assignments required throughout the course. Assignments will be posted on the course page on a weekly basis. You are responsible for knowing that the assignment is due. NO LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Attendance/Participation: Your active participation in class is necessary, both for you and for your classmates. Your participation will be monitored by your attendance, your contributions to class discussions, and your overall positive demeanor during class.


Trainees will be provided certification of completion from Genese CLoud Academy signed
by its CEO and trainer upon successful completion.