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Quality Assurance, also known as Software Testing is crucial to saving cost, time, efforts, and the standard of the product. This course includes an understanding of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software lifecycle so that functional and easy-to-maintain products are designed and delivered without compromising on the grade and condition of the software product. Emphasis is put on tests to find and report bugs. You’ll learn how to decipher the application of static and dynamic techniques, perform boundary value analysis, conduct walkthrough and audits, organize test development processes as well as create a quality analysis and test plan. You’ll be able to excel and apply the principles of any type, size, and complexity of the software-based business system – across technical platforms. You will learn key testing concepts, such as Regression, Black Box/White Box, and User Acceptance, Alpha, Beta. Test Specification, Test Plan, Test Cases &, Bug Reporting are part of the job description of a Quality Assurance Professional.


After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
● Knowledge in quality management processes, fundamental concepts in software the testing process, manual testing process, and automation testing process
● Potential to segregate different activities of Quality Assurance, quality control, and quality planning
● Capacity to Recognize the importance of standards in the quality management process and their influence on the final product
● Caliber to apply quality tools to control and monitor processes to help in continuous improvement at the workplace
● Knowledge and skills to crack a few globally recognized Quality Assurance certification programs

Course Requirements

Exam: There will be one exam after the completion of the course. Students should pass the exam by securing above 60% of the full mark to receive the certificate of successful completion.
Assignments: There will be homework assignments required throughout the course. Assignments will be posted on the course page on a weekly basis. You are responsible for knowing that the assignment is due. NO LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE
Attendance/Participation: Your active participation in class is necessary, both for you and for your classmates. Your participation will be monitored by your attendance, your contributions to class discussions, and your overall positive demeanor during class.


The fresher’s or recent college graduate seeking success and high future prospect should choose the software testing training course. Those who have a degree but want to have some additional skills should also appear for the Quality Assurance training and testing.


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