Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) aims to connect with as many youths as possible to empower them with the right knowledge and skills to enhance their careers. For the same endeavor, GCA recently participated in an event named “Why Entrepreneurship In Nepal”. 

“Why Entrepreneurship In Nepal” event organized by an 18-year-old passionate and optimistic visionary, Mr. Rahul Kumar Yadav, was a successful and relevant event for today’s youth who wish to delve into a path of Entrepreneurship, pursuing startups or who wish to do so in the near future. The event focused on the role of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Engagement of youth to solve national challenges.  Amidst all the chaos happening inside the country relating to unemployability and quality education hindrances, the panelists in the event who themselves were entrepreneurs or part of entrepreneurial journey highlighted the challenge we have, attitude a youth must possess to change it and overall its execution process. The major highlight of the event was  “We can keep complaining, or step ahead to change”. GCA seeks to resolve this problem by upskilling students in IT with an assurance of job placement.

The event was initiated by the chief guest Mr. Nabindra Raj Joshi, a former minister at the Ministry of Industry. During his speech, he discussed regarding roles of youth in the development of a nation, how policies affect the development and how policies need to be adopted with the current time in the age of technology. He majorly emphasized thinking out of the box, technological innovation and open information are key to development to propel proper economic growth within the country.

There were two sets of panel discussions. The early panelists Mr. Sixit Bhatta Founder of Tootle, Mr. Narottam Aryal President of King’s College, Mr. Asgar Ali and Mr. Amit Agrawal Founder of Khalt discussed the necessity of Entrepreneurship for a developing nation and roll of youths on it. Mr. Bhatta emphasized that the game of Entrepreneurship should not only be limited to solve a problem but also change people’s behavior in the course of time.  He emphasized on you come with some creativity and change policy will or has to follow. He beautifully supported the above statement with an analogy that the first car was built then there was a concept of the driver’s license.

Mr. Narhottan Aryal had a similar viewpoint where he emphasized that questioning the authority, teachers and getting out of the building are the things required to do at the age where knowledge is open and information is free.Mr. Amit Agarwal referred three things to keep in mind whilst pursuing an entrepreneurship journey “ Acquire skills, Recognise future and when the future is, and determine how innovation affects inter-connected stakeholder.” We can resonate more with Mr. Narhottan Araya in this, providing hands-on knowledge to the student, shaping up their career horizon and facilitating them for global exposure.

Moreover, the second-panel discussion was held on the journey of a start-up, challenges, and team. In the panel, CEO Thryza Dow shared the journey of her own start-up She said “Starting a business is like being in Love. It requires a 100% commitment. As it leaves you with sleepless nights, tears in your eyes and hole in your pocket.” Moreover, Rohit Tiwari from Foodmario, and Miss. Naija Parween from Open Space Network also shared their entrepreneurial journey! The panelists had an interesting view on overcoming challenges and committing to start-up journey. Mr. Rohit Tiwari said, “The best thing about challenges is if you can overcome them, you are going to change how others look at the world. There will always be naysayers, but you are the one who is going to make a path for yourself. ” 

Lastly, Mr. Prakash Neupane Co-Founder of Sarathi cab concluded the event with his keynote speech. He focused on problem-solving and the idea of competition and how to approach it in a healthy way. Overall, the event was fruitful and a successful one and we as a team of Genese Cloud Academy look forward to attending and supporting these kinds of events that empower youth for the development of the country.