Content Marketing

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Content Marketing involves the creation & sharing of Digital Assets such as Social Media post, video, blogs & podcast for it’s the targeted audience. It educates, engages & evokes certain thoughts also emotions so that the audience can take the desired action. Content is a King in the Digital Marketing Industry & power of great content is how Digital Marketing works. In our Content Marketing online class, we will learn how to create, strategies & distribute a great Content using Social Media, blogs & podcast & content Marketing Techniques. Different topics that will be covered throughout the course are: This course breakdown in different topics as shown below:

● Content Marketing Basics: Learn why content marketing is important for any modernbusiness, the best formats and platforms to use, and how it all fits into a digitalmarketing funnel.
● Target Audience: Create customer personas based off of demographics to improve how you create content that helps your ideal customer.
● Content Ideation: Come up with amazing content ideas and develop a system so you never run out of content your audience loves.
● Content Marketing Formats: Understand the different types of content and which ones are best for your business.
● Creating Your Content: Learn best practices for writing great articles and making great visual, audio and video content.
● Publishing Your Content: Know the best platforms for different kinds of content, and tips for easily repurposing content across multiple platforms.
● Repurposing Your Content: Platform specific repurposing your content.
● Marketing Funnels: Build digital marketing funnels that turn potential customers into returning ones with your content.
● Measuring Your Results: Learn how to use analytics on websites, YouTube and social media to improve your content creation and better achieve your goals.

Learning Outcomes:

After successful completion of this course learners will be able to
● Learn how to use content marketing to grow your business
● Get more followers, subscribers, and potential customers
● Develop a content ideation and creation system that doesn’t burn you out
● Understand who your target audience is to create better content
● Publish content in the right format and place for your target audience
● Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to deliver and promote your content
● Measure the results of your content marketing and iterate for success