AWS Cloud Foundation (ACF)

Module 5: Networking and Content Delivery

The purpose of this module is to introduce students to three fundamental AWS networking and content
delivery services: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Route 53, and Amazon Cloud
Front. Students will have the opportunity to label a virtual private cloud (VPC) network architecture
diagram, design a VPC, watch how a VPC is built, and finally build a VPC themselves.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:
• Recognize the basics of networking
• Describe virtual networking in the cloud with Amazon VPC
• Label a network diagram
• Design a basic VPCarchitecture
• Indicate the steps to build aVPC
• Identify security groups
• Create their own VPC and add additional components to it to produce a customized network
• Identify the fundamentals of Amazon Route 53
• Recognize the benefits of AmazonCloudFront